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What is provident fund?

Provident funds are funds created by employers for the benefit of employees. Legally these are separate from employers and are managed by Trustees of the funds. Trustees are persons nominated at the time fund is established or at the annual general meeting of the fund.

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Tax on Bahbood Certificates

Keeping in view the hardships faced by the widows and senior citizens, Bahbood Savings Certificates (BSCs) with a 10-years maturity period were launched by the Government of Pakistan on July 30, 2003. Initially, BSC was meant for widows only; however, it was decided later by the Government to extend the facility to senior citizen aged 60 years and above with effect from January 1, 2004.

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Notice from Federal Board (FBR) or Sindh Board of Revenue (SRB)?

You have received a letter from FBR or SRB requiring you to present any record or information. What’s your plan? Thinking how FBR or SRB got to know about me, as I never dealt with them in any way. One thought may come to your mind that ‘mistake’, that the notice is addressed to you in mistake and you were not the intended recipient. Mind you if the notice / letter states your name / CNIC number or NTN then it’s surely not ‘mistake’ and you are the intended recipient of the letter.

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Sales Tax Returns STRIVE

Modification in e-filling of sales tax return

If you are person responsible for tax function of any organization (size and form of the organization doesn’t matter), whether it’s a public listed company or a sole proprietorship both face the same deals of problems while e-filing sales tax return.

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Building Contractors’ services below or upto Rs 4 million are exempt

SRB through its notification no SRB 3-4/10/2016 dated June 28th, 2016 exempt the Services provided or rendered by a contractor of building (including water supply, gas supply and sanitary works), or of electrical and mechanical works (including air conditioning), or of multi-disciplinary works (including turn-key projects) and similar other works, subject to the condition that the annual turnover of the person providing or rendering the contractor service does not exceed Rs. 4 million in a financial year. [Tariff Heading No. 9814.2000]

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