This is May 2019 which is the second last month of the tax year 2019, and FBR is doing much needed action which is to REMIND the tax filers who missed to file their Tax returns to FILE all previous returns so as to avoid avoidable penalty for late filing. Please note that there is a minimum penalty of Rs 20,000/- ( Rupees Twenty Thousand Only) in case return is filed late thats not complete here there is an additional per day penalty @0.1% tax due. Therefore each passing day has its consequence of increasing penalty amount. However this additional penalty can be avoided.

Last date to file return for tax year as extended was 30th April 2019 therefore per day penalty now has minimim impact but as we said earlier each passing day would increase the penalty amount.

In view of above we are of the view that taxpayers who missed to file their returns should immediately file their returns as penalty amount cannot be avoided as its all calculated by FBR automated system which cannot bypassed even if the officer want to give favor he cannot avoid charging penalties.

In case you need any information on the subject feel free to contact us.