Good news!!!

FBR lately announced extension in date of filing returns for tax year 2018 which gives another chance for non-filers to become filer and a ray of hope for persons who filed their returns late i.e. after 17th December 2018.

If you are wondering about this whole issue and above good news. Please read our blog post late filers would not become filers.

Last date is 31st March 2019

If you have been troubling with a way to become filer again as you couldn’t filed your returns on time then it might be the last chance last date to file your returns for tax year 2018 is 31st March 2019.

Who may avail this last chance ?

1. Persons who late filed their return for tax year 2018

2. Persons who have not filed their return for tax year 2018 because of whatever reasons

3. Persons who want to become filer and never filed their return or registered with FBR.

We truly believes this will be the last chance by the Government which should be availed by every citizen of Pakistan to avoid undue burden of taxes for non filers.

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