This video explains about confusion that many have about who is tax filer. Generally taxpayers believe themselves as filers being taxpayer which is not the case. In order to become tax filer one need to file returns of income regularly once in a year.

Recently FBR has extended the deadline for filing Income Tax Return 2018 till 30th April 2019. Which is believed to be last chance given by FBR to become filer.

In order to have insights about how tax filing works we can start short video series to better demonstrate key message.

In case you want to file your Income Tax returns to become filer but unsure about where to start or what is required for filing please leave a message in Contact us section. Our team of professionals will reply your message without any cost.

We believe most the taxpayers in Pakistan do not know about the process how to file and become filer.

It is important to mention here that tax return filing does not necessarily requires tax payment. Your income may be exempt but the fact would be known to FBR once you start filing and declare this fact to FBR.

Why to pay more taxes when you are already paying lot of taxes already. Return filing saves you from undue unnecessary taxes.