SRB through its notification no SRB 3-4/10/2016 dated June 28th, 2016, notified that exemption threshold of Rs. 3.6 million is enhanced from Rs 4 million

Above exemption threshold is applicable to following services

Tariff Heading No Description
9801.2000 Services provided or rendered by restaurants
9801.5000 Services provided or rendered by caterers
9810.0000 Services provided or rendered for personal care by parlors, beauty clinics, slimming

clinics or centers and others

9820.3000 Workshop for electric or electronic equipment or appliances, etc. including computer


9820.4000 Car or automobile washing or similar service stations
9811.0000 Services provided or rendered by laundries and dry cleaners


Source of above is SRB notification as mentioned above which may be further amended by the SRB in accordance with law without any prior intimation, therefore it is advised that readers should read original or consult us for the validity of the rates before any activity is performed based on above.

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