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Why choose us?

We bring you possible solutions for the growth and prosperity of your business or your personal finances.

Geographical presence

With our offices in three cities of Pakistan i.e. Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. These independent offices are capable to cover whole province / territory of Pakistan in which they operate due to this exceptional coverage we proudly claim our presence in whole Pakistan.

Personal accounting

Personal accounting is an option for smaller companies or individuals, who would like to maximise there financial income.

Welcome to Sharjeel Ayub & Co.

Chartered Accountants firm in Pakistan

Sharjeel Ayub & Co. Chartered Accountants is one of the fastest growing professional services firms in Pakistan serving its clientele which includes public listed companies by an unwavering commitment to quality, established in the year 2014 at Karachi now having offices in three major cities of Pakistan.

In August 2017, Partners of Sharjeel Ayub & Co. (Sayub & Co.) and Rizwan & Co (RCO) Chartered Accountants joined hands and by virtue of a partnership agreement, Sayub & Co has now expanded its operations in Punjab and Capital Territory through Lahore and Islamabad Offices.

Rizwan & Co. is a satisfactory QCR rated Firm and is on the panel of auditors formed by various Governmental authorities. The firm consists of strong Professional Team lead by its Four (4) Partners and over 150 professional staff with country wide reach through its offices in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Our clients include Financial Institutions, Non-Banking Financial Institutions, Manufacturing and Service sectors clients, MNC and Public Listed and Public Interest Companies.

Our Service culture is combined with our cumulative knowledge culminates into innovative solutions to help promote the growth of our client’s business.

Firm’s main aims are:

  1. To provide all our clients with high quality services pertaining to fiscal matters in a professional manner.
  2. To ensure that we provide tax efficient solutions to our client’s requirement.
  3. Work with integrity.

Sharjeel Ayub & Co is a versatile and dynamic firm which offers a variety of services in the field of Tax, Audit, Secretarial Compliance and Book keeping.

    We Offer Services That Work

    The wise man therefore always holds in these matters to this principle of selection: he rejects pleasures to secure other greater pleasures, or else he endures pains to avoid worse pains.

    [icon icon_type=”anps_icons” class=”style-3″ position_2=”center” icon_size=”55″ title=”Tax consultancy ” icon_anps_icons=”anps-icon-bank” icon_color=”#377fbf” subtitle=”Income Tax, Sales Tax and Customs Act”]
    • Tax Compliance
    • Tax Planning
    • Processing of Tax Exemption orders
    • Appeals before Commissioner
    • Appeals before Appellate Tribunal Inland Revenue
    [icon icon_type=”anps_icons” class=”style-3″ position_2=”center” icon_size=”55″ title=”Audit” icon_anps_icons=”anps-icon-clipboard” icon_color=”#377fbf”]
    • External Audit
    • Internal Audit
    [icon icon_type=”anps_icons” class=”style-3″ position_2=”center” icon_size=”55″ title=”Company formation” icon_anps_icons=”anps-icon-chess” icon_color=”#377fbf” subtitle=”Incorporation of Companies under Companies Act, 2017 and handling of post incorporation matters”]
    • Certificates required for legal compliance by practicing Chartered Accountants
    [icon icon_type=”anps_icons” class=”style-3″ position_2=”center” icon_size=”55″ title=”Export rebates / Exemptions processing” icon_anps_icons=”anps-icon-graph-statistics” icon_color=”#377fbf”]
    • Approval for Custom Bonded warehouses
    • Approval for Duty & Tax Remission for Exports (DTRE)
    • Approval for Export Oriented Units (EOU) Licences
    [/icon][icon icon_type=”anps_icons” class=”style-3″ position_2=”center” icon_size=”55″ title=”Book Keeping ” icon_anps_icons=”anps-icon-percent” icon_color=”#377fbf” subtitle=”Accounting for you”]We use QuickBooks accounting software to capture all your business transactions and present reports according to your management style.[/icon]

    Our Experience, Skills & Expertise.

    We bring you the best possible solutions for the growth and prosperity of your business.




    Team members




    Qualified Chartered Accountants in the Team

    About us

    A professional accounting team, with international experience.

    Our Growth is a result of Integrity with Quality

    Sharjeel Ayub & Co. is one of the fast growing Chartered Accountants and management consulting firms in Pakistan. We work with top executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire. For more than 27 years, we’ve been passionate about achieving better results for our clients.

    We’ve been working with numerous public listed companies in Pakistan, unlisted public companies and hundreds of private limited companies, including nonprofits organisation and Individuals.

    Full Administrative Service Management

    With 27 years of experience, helping businesses to find solutions for their Tax matters.

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    Jane Doe

    Naturepainting CEO

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    John Doe

    Rockport CEO

    We advise our clients on their most critical issues and opportunities

    Get Free Consultation From Our Experts

    We deliver only premium quality comprehensive financial services to our clients.
    This is one of the highest priorities of our company.

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