It is misconception in Pakistan that return filers are generally questioned more than anyone else, there may be other reasons for this, but in our 25 years of practice we generally encounters issues created by tax filers for their own selves due to “incorrect” tax filing inviting FBR to take action.

When comes to tax filings, there is certain group who dont prefer to file it at all.

However there are filers as recently FBR announced surprisingly great increase in Tax filers, however the question whether they are confident about their tax filings is unanswered in many cases.

In many cases, simple transactions are carelessly declared by novice consultants or by taxpayers themselve resulting in undue notices.

This creates overall bad impression that FBR issues notices to FILERS however this not correct when Income Tax return with errors is filed.

Therefore we believe one should be very careful while filing his / her income tax return to avoid tax notice, as tax filing does not automatically qualifies it to be “Correct” filing, your Income tax return has to pass the test of assessment by FBR.

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