FBR has introduced electronic method of registration through IRIS. However this is applicable for persons not having National Tax Number. If you intend to obtain new registration number please refer to our post on How to Obtain National Tax Number (NTN) through IRIS [Step by Step Guide].

Current post is related to person who already have their NTN but don’t have login credentials i.e. Login ID and Password to e-filling on FBR systems.  Please note that same credentials work for old and new FBR e-portal.

Steps to apply for e-credentials

Step 1:

Visit FBR website
Please visit FBR official website for IRIS https://iris.fbr.gov.pk/infosys/public/txplogin.xhtml.

Step 2:

Press enrolment for registered person

Step 3:

Fill in enrollment information.

Step 4:

Submit the information

Step 5:

Proceed with email and SMS received
Upon submission of the information, email and SMS with codes to enter would be received on given email ID and mobile number.

Documents information required

Following documents / information are required for the steps mentioned above

(a) number of CNIC,NICOP or Passport;

(b) cell phone number in his name ;

(c) e-mail address;

(d) nationality;

(e) residential address;

(f) accounting period;

(g) in case of business income,

(i) business name;

(ii) business address; and

(iii) principal business activity;

(h) name and NTN of employer in case of salary income;

(i) address of property in case of property income;


FBR has made its efforts to simple the process, however due to implementation gaps, IRIS sometimes misbehaves to the requests therefore you are advised to contact FBR helpline for related queries.

You may contact us for seeking our advice for any difficulty faced by you