Registration for Income Tax and Sales tax for Association of Person (AoP) and Company is now processed through FBR IRIS facilitation desk. It means one cannot initiate the process directly from e-portal.

How to apply new registration for Individual Taxpayer

Following information is required

(a) name of company or AOP;

(b) business name;

(c) business address;

(d) accounting period;

(e) phone No of business;

(f) e-mail;

(g) cell phone of principal officer of the company or AOP;

(h) principal business activity;

(i) address of industrial establishment or principal place of business;

(j) company type, like public limited, private limited, unit trust, trust, NGO, society, small company, modaraba or any other;

(k) date of registration;

(l) incorporation certificate by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) in case of company;

(m) registration certificate and partnership deed in case of registered firm;

(n) partnership deed in case firm is not registered;

(o) trust deed in case of trust;

(p) registration certificate in case of society;

(q) registration or incorporation from concerned country in case of non- resident company or AOP;

(r) name of representative with his CNIC or NTN;

(s) following particulars of every director and major shareholder having 10% or more shares in case of company or partners in case of an AOP, namely:-

(i) Name;

(ii)CNIC/NTN/Passport; and

(ii)Share % “


Personal visit of principal officer at FBR IRIS facilitation desk is required to initiate the process of registration