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Building Contractors’ services below or upto Rs 4 million are exempt

SRB through its notification no SRB 3-4/10/2016 dated June 28th, 2016 exempt the Services provided or rendered by a contractor of building (including water supply, gas supply and sanitary works), or of electrical and mechanical works (including air conditioning), or of multi-disciplinary works (including turn-key projects) and similar other works, subject to the condition that the annual turnover of the person providing or rendering the contractor service does not exceed Rs. 4 million in a financial year. [Tariff Heading No. 9814.2000]

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How to Change particulars in FBR Computerized Payment Receipt (CPR)

How to Change Particulars in Income Tax and Sales Tax Challans

FBR’s e-portal for preparation of challan experienced a hidden change early at the beginning of this tax year 2016, previously at the time of CPR preparation, the system by default set the month as latest month for sales tax for which payments are generally prepared. For example if you are in month of August the system by-default set the month as July.

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